Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit foundation, whose mission is to provide a loving and unique housing community for young adults with developmental disabilities in a fun setting that is local, safe, affordable that enhances the quality of their lives.

What is our experience?

The Founders have a 30 year old son with Down Syndrome.The Chairman and the Board of Directors have been teachers, business owners, psychologists and parents.  They have organized and coached special needs youth sports for over 20 years, including AYSO Soccer, Challenger Baseball, Special Olympics, and NJB Hot Hoops Basketball.  In addition, for ten years they have been running weekly social clubs, outings, music, art, and activities for our young people with developmental disabilities. Seven years ago we began winter adaptive ski-trips and a summer camp at Shaver Lake, California.

Most importantly, by being parents and families of young people who are “differently-abled,” we have nurtured and adored them, but they are now ready to expand their horizons by living as independently as possible.We want to honor and support their next steps towards independence.

How committed are you to the “safety” of residents, employees & guests?

Very committed! The City of Laguna Beach, Police, Fire, and our architect all committed to refurbishing this assisted living facility to exceed the ADA State and local safety requirements.The electronic security system, lift gates, fences and lighting are state of the art. Our Executive Director and Assistant Director have over 30 years combined experience along with registered nurses, and licensed healthcare staff. All volunteers are required to hold active first aid/CPR cards. Background checks are performed on all staff, residents and volunteers.There are approximately 12 – 15 on-site staff and caregivers.

What makes your program unique?

A true community within a community makes our program different and desired. Live-work-play. This large property has great functionality and houses 50 residents. Our community of young adults with disabilities and their families yearn for a future life as rich and vibrant as the one they have experienced throughout their early lives. Despite their various disabilities, they have been loved and cherished within their families and community, exactly as every child should be. Now as they enter adulthood, our desire as their families and loved ones is to provide an environment which is not just safe and secure, but also, one that allows and encourages them to continue to thrive and grow, as a vibrant individual.

Why did you select Laguna Beach, California?

Simply put, why not? This previously vacant assisted living facility met the codes and layout desired.The temperate climate and local access for families is a significant advantage. Laguna Beach is a welcoming community which values and protects uniqueness and diversity. Our young adults with special needs have begun looking for employment and volunteering opportunities in the community. The individuality of our community has already been welcomed and celebrated within the Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach is an inclusive community where our residents are embraced and allowed equal opportunities that they may not enjoy elsewhere.

Who may be a resident at Glennwood House?

Glennwood Foundation Inc., the owner/operator is a non-discriminatory entity.The residents must be at least 18 – 59 years old and must be moderate to higher functioning.  High risk medical conditions may not be a candidate.  Non-ambulatory residents will be required by the City of Laguna Beach to be on the first floor. All developmental disabilities, physical or intellectual are welcome, for example, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, William Syndrome, non-ambulatory birth traumas, autism, etc.

What kind of staff & professional support do you maintain for residents?

The Foundation’s intent is to meet and exceed residential facility compliance (from the State of California regulations, Community Care Licensing, and City and County regulations.) The Adult Residential Facility, based on our adult needs and the services provided, has a designation of service level guaranteed by the Community Care Licensing process. Our objective is Service Levels 1-2, as they are a community of men and women addressed above. We have an Executive Director and Assistant Director with combined experience of over 30 years.  We have a full time Activity and volunteer coordinator, Medical Care Consultant, 14 Direct Care Staff, a chief and Housekeeper . In addition, have numerous volunteers, all trained, background checked, and CPR certified.

What are some of your “goals & objectives” for the residents?

  • To be able to live-work-play as a community within the greater community.
  • Loneliness will be replaced by acceptance and new friendships.
  • To create a sense of being valued and belonging which will build confidence, replacing insecurity.
  • Boredom will be replaced by activities and expanding interests.
  • Families will finally have a place for their young adults to grow and be “at home,” outside of their family’s home!
  • Young adults with disabilities will be meshed into a welcoming city of individuals who are comfortable w/diversity.